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What is the Technical Intern Training Program?

The Act on Proper Technical Intern Training and Protection of Technical Intern Trainees (“Technical Intern Training Act”) was promulgated on November 28, 2016 and came into effect on November 1, 2017.

The Technical Intern Training Program was implemented with the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (Act No. 319 of 1951; the “Immigration Control Act”) and related ordinances as its legal basis, but in conjunction with a recent review of the Technical Intern Training Program, the Technical Intern Training Act and related ordinances were enacted, and a significant portion of the provisions under the Immigration Control Act became provisions under the Technical Intern Training Act.

From the standpoint of appropriate implementation of technical intern training and protection of technical intern trainees, the Technical Intern Training Program under the Technical Intern Training Act introduced a new system for licensing supervising organizations, a system of accreditation for technical intern training plans, and expanded the program for excellent supervising organizations and implementing organizations by increasing training periods and quotas for technical intern trainees.

Supervising Organization Type Training
the Specified Skilled Worker

What is a "Specified Skilled Worker" Residency Status?

In December 2018, an extraordinary session of the Diet passed and enacted “the Act on Amending the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and the Ministry of Justice Establishment Law”. The main purpose of this act was to establish “Specified Skilled Worker” as a new residency status. It will be possible for industries that are experiencing extreme labor shortages to accept foreign human resources as specified skilled workers as of April 1, 2019.

Under the program relating to the Specified Skilled Worker residency status, businesses, including small and medium scale businesses, in industries that are having difficulty in recruiting human resources despite the efforts made to raise productivity and recruit domestic human resources, will be permitted to hire the foreign nationals who possess certain specialized knowledge or skills and will be immediately able to work in order to respond to extreme labor shortages.


What trainees Say

I am practicing spray painting at a painting factory. I am planning to master painting skills and work to make good use of my home country.

arif kisutanto
arif kisutanto

I am studying making dishes at a food processing factory. Since I passed the basic pay exam, I will practice for 3 years.

Tu ti tha

I study the driving of the building machine. I wear Japanese high building and want to keep it alive in a mother country.

Min Kyi Oo